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A beautiful, simple alternative to Goodreads 📚


bookclub is a beautiful way to track and share the books you read.

Would you recommend this product?

Seems like a big ad for the Amazon Affiliate Program. or an undercover sales website. Forced social media login, no email address only login. No way to interact with friends to see what they are reading, yet it says it's an alternative to Goodreads. No way to add books you've already read from Amazon since they are a part of the affiliate program, this would be a great addition.

Oh yeah, no app!


Nice clean design, easy to use


Missing any features, forced social media login

technology lover and voracious reader

Hi @jrdngonen !

Some suggestions :

1- Give directly focus on the input zone when adding new books. It's tiring to drag the mouse in again and again

2- Find some inventive way to add new books. Here are some suggestions :

*add books from previous platforms: Amazon reading list, Goodreads...

*make possible to choose tag about authors and categories and books should appear and you have just to check them with check button to add them all at once (add single book each time is tiring)

3-make possible to organize books by collections and each collection can be assigned to a knowledge tree. So people who have read a lot of books can easily guide newcomers to where to start and the path to go to become master in a domain.

4-add notes or badge to users whose collections or knowledge tree are shared the most and who respond to newcomers in the domains their knowledge trees are about. A system like Wikipedia or StackOverflow

*help the collection and knowledge trees owners demonstrate their expertise by making periodic quiz and challenges about their domains (you can guess by the kind of book they read)

5- Find a way to bring already successful authors (for eg: by creating a profile for them they can claim later) and make possible to people to interact with them by asking questions about their books

6- Business model suggestion: Use data about collections and knowledge trees accessed by users to advertise newly released books to a specific target.

7- Use renowned expert in some domain (eg: Bill Gates, Marc Zuck, Steve Blank, Sean Ellis...) create a profile for them and import their read books to apply when possible the above suggestions

8- a last but not urging thing to add: make possible to add a comment about a book and half-start for more specific notes about books

That's all for now. If I find something new, will edit and update this post


I love the design. It's clean and easy to use.


See below

building things.

What better way to step up my book game than to publish my bookshelf on the internet for the world to see!


Simple way to share books with a very minimal overhead & super clean UX.


Absolutely none.

Product marketer and writer

I'm a big fan of Goodreads as a concept but the product itself is often confusing and frustrating. bookclub has a great potential to offer an alternative. I hope to see the product grow in features while keeping that simple aesthetic and UX, which is what frustrates me most about goodreads. Lots of good suggestions already in the reviews, I'm looking forward to seeing more form you guys!


Super clean design and intuitive UX.


Not a lot of features for now.

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It would be nice to partition books into read, want to read, etc. Also sharing functionality would be great.


Slick and more pleasant interface than Goodreads


Missing some key features

Citing GDPR to deny service to a product is not an excuse for a digital product.




Simply blocks away users in EU citing GDPR.

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This is amazing