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#1 Product of the DaySeptember 15, 2019
Books are no longer theoretical knowledge. We turn non-fiction books into a fun, useful and practical way to learn. Each book is a course!
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Hello Hunters! It’s not about how many books you read per year, it’s about how many of them you put into practice! This is only for serious readers that not just read a book instead study the book! Each non-fiction book is a masterpiece where you can learn from the best. Why just read and throw the trash when you can read and apply? Publishers are concerned about the amount of books sales, you need to be worried about how many of them you remember and apply. Speed reading, audiobooks, and summaries are an error of concept. You can’t capture the essence of the book with speed reading, audiobooks or summaries. You need to read the complete book, maybe fewer books per year, but above that put them into practice and get ROI from them! I always had a problem with non-fiction books. It’s not easy to put them into practice. I’m always taking notes, trying to challenge myself with quizzes, making summaries, highlighting it and trying to remember everything. I know, I'm a geek, but it's the best way to learn a lot without going to college. I launched Bookcademy to solve my problem, and probably you are just like me. I turn books into a course, where you can challenge your knowledge with quizzes, notes, activities, use cases, projects, summaries and so on. Each course is a fun, useful and practical way to learn.
@daniel_moralesp I like the concept and I will try the beta for sure. "Speed reading, audiobooks, and summaries are an error of concept. It's for lazy people! You can’t capture the essence of the book with speed reading, audiobooks or summaries. " I strongly disagree with your take. Speed reading is useful and effective. Not everybody is a visual learner, so audiobooks are an amazing tool. Summaries can be helpful to grasp the main concepts, especially if you consider the fact that books need to reach a certain amount of pages to sell and so end up repeating the same concept over and over. Your product seems very cool, but your marketing strategy (tearing down competitors and solutions that other people use) is not. I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up reducing your success. People don't want to be called lazy by a random stranger. It's crazy, I know...
@daniel_moralesp @luqa Hi Luca, ok thanks for your feedback, I'll try to fix that!
@daniel_moralesp Hello Daniel, congrats on your launching !! Btw, soy de startup colombia ;)
@juanpablosarmi Hola Juan! Gracias por tu apoyo!
It looks good @daniel_moralesp! I like the idea of not just reading for the sake of reading, but also applying what you read and learned.
@alexdevero Hi Alex, yes, that the whole idea! Put books into practice! I'm glad that you enjoy the concept!
@daniel_moralesp Congrats! It looks great. If your able to share, did you build this on a course platform? (Podia etc.) and if so, which one?
@jazzbox Hi David, thanks for your comment! No, we made all the platform from scratch with Ruby On Rails a framework based on ruby. I hope that you enjoy it a lot!
@daniel_moralesp Awesome. Congrats again!
@dani_moralito congratulations. tried out the beta...seems like a great review and way to solidify the lessons of the books to put the lessons into practice.
@dani_moralito @gfragin Exactly, that's the whole idea. We don't expect to replace the book, we hope to be the best complement for them. Happy learning!
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