Book Like A Boss

Simple platform to sell your services & book appointments

#4 Product of the DayJuly 18, 2017

Book Like A Boss is an all-in-one scheduling platform for you to take appointments, sell your services and manage your business.

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First a huge thank you to the Sumo King himself @NoahKagan for hunting us and a special shout out to @Hilzfuld for all his advice and for just being awesome! Take Bookings. Make Money. An all-in-one scheduling platform for you to take appointments, sell your services and manage your business. First things first we put together a special offer for the Hunters you can check out here and we offer a Free Forever plan if you just want to check things out. The last 18 months have been an incredible ride and I am so grateful to my awesome partners and our thousands of Bosses from around the world! As an entrepreneur and business consultant I received multiple requests a week to pick my brain and buy me a cup of coffee. Being a nice guy, it was always awkward for me to tell them that in most cases I charge for my time. I wished there was an easy way I could just send them a link that did the selling and closing for me. A page that talked about who I was, what services I offered, showed them my calendar and allowed them to book and pay me all in one place. I searched and it did not exist. Sure I could have built it in Wordpress, but even though I had built dozens of Wordpress sites over the years it was no simple task. Trying to combine many different plugins and hoping when they updated they didn’t throw off any of the others and making sure it was optimized for mobile etc. was just a time consuming and frustrating task so I never did it. Around that time I got an email from a friend who’s sister was a masseuse and was looking for an easy way to list her massages connected to her calendar and accept payments all in one place. At that moment I realized there was a real need for such a service that was hosted in the cloud, optimized for mobile and was simple for anyone to use. Through a longer story my buddy @DovidYudkowitz, who in my 20 years of being in tech is one of the best developers I had ever seen, became available and so I pitched him the idea, he loved it and we were off to the races. A few months in we needed a world class designer and so @Lloyd_Schroeder came on board and the 3 of us have been bootstrapping to get us where the platform is today.     You can check out our 25+ Tutorials here:
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@noahkagan @dovidyudkowitz @lloyd_schroeder @kligman Thanks for the shoutout. Good luck, man. I am sure this thing will be big. No, scratch that, HUGE. Boss!
Thank you @hilzfuld as you know you're a huge inspiration to us! Thanks for everything!
I've been watching these guys for a while. It's a great idea with great execution. Really impressed with the constant product updates.
@avizuber thank you Avi! Greatly appreciate it!!
I'm signing up as professional mashed potato eater. Awesome guys!
@bettinadraws we have a secret FB Group for PME's :) Welcome to the club!
Loving my BLAB account. Easy for me to use. Nice interface. Best thing is the ability to book sessions and take payment all in one place. No third party integrations needed to make stuff happen. Looking forward to the roadmap of changes planned. Great community support and consultation through their Facebook Group. (I asked for a change, had 3 people +1 it, and it was approved there and then!) Always nice when you buy something and it does what you expect and then continues to grow and deliver more.
Thank you so much for the great feedback @kara_lambert so happy your loving it!
Your product looks great Nachum, good luck!
Thanks so much @haimpekel!