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Simple & beautiful payments for freelancers

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Simon Burns
Product Earnin, Growth at Opendoor.
@matttbrown having used Harvest, and PayDirt and a few others - I'm always back on the list of Stripe integrated Saas invoice apps every few months. The space is pretty crowded. How do you see yourselves in the ecosystem? Is it consolidating? Will one of the major payment processors upgrade their UX soon and enter, if you were to guess?
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Matt Brown
Co-Founder, Bonsai (
Hi everyone, we help freelancers run better businesses and avoid common pains like scope creep and late payments. We launched a work contract builder a few months ago (, and by popular demand have released an integrated payments solution for freelancers. Payments were designed to be used with our Contracts product, but can be used independently. Right now it’s straightforward credit card based invoicing, but we’re working on cool add ons (ACH, escrow-like deposits, auto collections, etc). Invoices are free to send, and cost $1 when payment is made through Bonsai (plus the 2.9% + $0.30 Stripe fee). ProductHunters who sign up today will get 5 invoices for free, and an additional 5 free invoices for every person they refer. Let us know if you have any questions!
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Bennett MathewsEarly stage investor @ Bessemer, Xoogler
Beautiful product, congrats.
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Having been using bonsai for contracts for the past couple of months and really love the service. Excited about this release. Congrats, guys!
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Co-founder & CEO @ Sponseasy - Clapp
nice, I love the design, good job guys
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