Bonsai Expenses

Simple & automated expense tracking for busy freelancers

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We’re excited to launch Bonsai Expenses on PH! Bonsai’s goal is to make it simple for freelancers to start and grow their businesses. 40,000+ freelancers use our workflow of integrated and automated tools: proposals, contracts, time tracking, invoices, and payments. Expense tracking is a tedious but important part of any project (and it was also one of our most requested features!). Some of the highlights include: - Import expenses automatically from credit card & bank accounts - Add expenses easily to your projects and invoices - Get reimbursed quickly with online payments - Manage expenses on web and mobile - Support expenses in multi-currencies Feel free to check it out and chat with us if you have any questions or feedback! Happy freelancing!
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@matttbrown Nice jobs guys. This looks awesome.
Redon from Bonsai product team here. Happy to answer any question regarding Bonsai expenses.
Impressive guys. Are you really releasing one product every week? Amazing job. Really excited about that and where Bonsai is heading!
@glevd Thanks for the kind words Guillaume. The coming weeks should be exciting too as we have more to come.
I've been using Bonsai services for about a year or so, and I'm a happy customer... Will def explore this option.
@nemtrd Great to hear from you Nik! Excited to have you try it out.
Bonsai continues to execute and release polished feature after polished feature. This looks like another refined product to accompany the rest of the freelancer toolkit they already have. Nicely done!
@dylanjha thanks for the kind words. Super proud of using @crowdcst for our growing numbers of webinars with freelancers. Great feedback from the community for each of them.