Jimmy Fallon's app that animates your boring old selfies

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Hey everyone -- Gavin Purcell here, Producer/Head of Digital for the Tonight Show. This was a fun app we made based on a segment that happened on the show and we think it's fun. Wanted to keep it super simple and see how people like it. Very light weight on purpose, it's just designed to be dumb and fun and bring a smile to your face. Try it out!
My face:
@rrhoover I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight lol
Booo no android!
@elliot_grossbard I was disappointed as well, especially when the vast majority use Android
@elliot_grossbard Planning on releasing one at a later date. Wanted to push on one version to get it out as fast as possible.
Hey Gavin! This app is hilarious. Bravo!
My eight-year-old daughter is going to love this. The randomness of the effects will keep her entertained for quite a while. Fun!