Bond 2.0

A simple app that reminds you to keep in touch with people

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Steve RAFFNER@steveraffner · Senior Innovation Consultant
Awesome - the best part is not calling it CRM :) good job.
Manan Rokani
Manan RokaniMaker@mananrokani · Founder, Bond
Hey Guys, We’re back with a new version of Bond. But before I talk about it, I want to thank the PH community for all the love and support you guys showed us last time. It really helped us validate the idea and build on it. So yeah, here’s what’s new in this release: The first version of the app had options to keep in touch with people through Call, Text and Facebook. The new version integrates with WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Emails giving you more ways to keep in touch with your personal as well as professional connections. We’re also introducing Settings in this release which will allow you to set time preferences for your reminders. Now for each service, you can select a one-hour time slot during which you’d like to get your reminders. So you can identify a few slots in the day when you are usually a little free and use that time to connect with people. We’re also adding some basic support tools in the app. This will help you get started and get ongoing support directly from the app. We're happy with the way this version has shaped up. We'd love for you to check it out and let us know what you think. I'd be happy to answer any questions you guys may have.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Simple and useful. @mananrokani - Any plans to integrate with on-demand delivery services like BloomThat flowers or Doughbies cookies to suggest and make it super easy to buy ad-hoc or celebratory gifts for loved ones? I actually chatted about this idea with @jon, @marshal, and @digit on the podcast yesterday. P.S. Were you looking for something like this recently, @staringispolite?
Manan Rokani
Manan RokaniMaker@mananrokani · Founder, Bond
@jon @marshal @digit @staringispolite @rrhoover Ryan, it's something we definitely want to do. Has anyone created a collection of these services here on PH? I remember seeing something. But yeah we want to go in that direction so if anyone's interested in doing something together please feel free to reach out.
Ced@cedfunches · Founder at Schooold
@jon @marshal @digit @staringispolite @rrhoover @mananrokani Outstanding execution. I have many people that I develop relationships with that this can truly help with. Advisors, Vendor Partners and simply friends in other places. Well done.
Jonathan Howard
Jonathan HowardHiring@staringispolite · Growth engineer & founder
@jon @marshal @digit @rrhoover @mananrokani @cedfunches I was looking for something like this for areas of self-improvement. The best I've settled on is Gmail threads + Boomerang. As far as I can tell, there is no product that does what I want (Bond-style auto-reminders, threaded medium-longform notes, prompts to deepen my thinking on a topic)
Adam O'Kane
Adam O'Kane@adamokane · working on something new 🤐
I'm torn. On one hand, there are relationships that I would've liked to keep up that ended. On the other hand, I think it's natural that things like that happen. It's a big challenge for Facebook...relationships there are binary. You're friends or you're not. In "real life," people slip in and out of our lives. Maybe that's something that should be changed with the aid of technology...maybe not. I'll download Bond and play with it. I like the app creator's goal.
Kunal Tandon
Kunal Tandon@kunaltandon ·
Just downloaded- I love the idea behind this. Our lives get so busy, but for most of us it would be easy to pick up the phone and call that friend or family member we haven't spoken to in quite awhile, sometimes we just need that extra reminder or push. Look forward to seeing how you work in other services in the future.