Bolt IoT

Fastest way to make IoT projects for monitoring & control.

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@ppv999 why don't you introduce Bolt IoT here?
Thanks @get2vikasjha for hunting us down.
Bolt makes your IoT development a breeze. It offers a WiFi Chip to interface your sensors and actuators as well as a cloud platform store, visualise and monitor your data. It also lets you send alerts via SMS and E-Mail when the data crosses the threshold. Bolt offers the best developer and user experience for IoT.
@ppv999 any other everyday use case that we can see apart from the one in the video that we see here?
@get2vikasjha With Bolt you can control the lights in your home, washing machine, build IoT fire alarm, monitor the water level in tank and lot more. With Bolt IoT Platform, only imagination is the limit.
Here is an automated plant monitoring and wartering system built on Bolt IoT platform