Wicked fast photo messaging (pre-launch)

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I just published a look at how Instagram Bolt works, for anyone interested
@ow Thanks! The main page for Bolt is certainly lacking at the moment. Good to see a review like this. Sounds like there were some pretty interesting decisions made on the user experience. (Edit text before photo, for example.) Definitely interested to see how this will pan out alongside all the other options out there. I'm also very intrigued to see how the masses pick this (and others) up once the new features in iOS 8 messaging go live. I get they are different, but it's one less app for people to download and learn how to use for a similar function.
Bolt vs. Slingshot. Facebook Camera vs. Instagram. Paper vs. Facebook app. Whatsapp vs Messenger. It's like Facebook gets two internal teams working on a same-ish idea and pits them against each other
@nikunj it's great to see Facebook/IG experimenting without the constraints of their parent company. Arguably that's the only way Facebook can continue to compete and remain relevant. If they require their teams to integrate Facebook login, avoid competing feature sets, and mandate other limitations, they'll be at a disadvantage in the market. cc a few Facebook folks in case they want to chime in: @sriramk, @joshm, @libbybrittain, @alishaoutridge, @Bosefina, @jcolman
@rrhoover currently I don't have access to it. I posted it on our Facebook PM group. Hope to get more qualified folks to chime in! @nikunj - good point about pitting internal teams. Friction creates progress ;)
@rrhoover you nailed it regarding Facebook needing to let their teams do whatever they want with experiments
I've tried Bolt for the past few days and here are some early thoughts: 1) The one tap photo sharing experience is really nice and the app is really really fast. 2) It's a lot of fun to have a conversation with friends via photos and/or text 3) The app feels a lot more emotionally intimate than other messaging apps that I've used.
@bowenpan how does it compare to Taptalk? @joshconstine just published a brief interview (over Taptalk, of course) with @ogtfaber in Taptalk’s Official Response To Its Clone ‘Instagram Bolt’.