Bolo Bird

Combined with Doodle Jump & Flappy Bird. Classic but unique!

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Hello! I'm one of the creators of Bolo Bird. Jump may be the most classic and mature element in video game history. Just retrospect the most important games in the history: DonkeyKong, Mario, Temple Run, Doodle Jump, Flappy Bird…. Unfortunately, homogeneous games make it more and more boring. Bolo Bird is more than dodge and jump like other similar games. Its funny interactivity and surprising depth make it absolutely unique. Just give Bolo Bird a chance to fly, you may find a brand new great jump game.
@b_matoo This looks super fun! Seems like a game I could easily get addicted to!
@jakecrump Yeah, it is so addictive! Wondering how many points can you get.
And this looks just as frustrating. Well done, @b_matoo. 😊
@rrhoover Stomping big birds makes it easier. When you mastered the skill, it will be fun and addictive!
Looks great. My game is some how similar to this, But you graphics looks much better then mine :)