Automatically pay your contractors, suppliers, and partners

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Hi Product Hunters - Payout infrastructure is a real buzzkill for any growing business. We get our kicks from obfuscating the complexity around bank integration, work tracking, regulatory burden, and tax compliance, allowing you to scale your payouts in minutes. We've spent a lot of time working under the hood to get the details just right. We are the fastest (both in integration time and funds delivery) payout option to easily distribute payouts to your contractors, suppliers, and partners. On-demand operators, marketplaces, ad networks, game publishers, and more all use Bold to automate their payouts today. You can leverage our hosted tools to get setup in minutes, or fully integrate directly into your application using our API. We'd love to get your feedback! Mention the code "Hunted" when you signup today and we'll take care of your first month of service fees. I look forward to answering your questions! Thank you, Sean
@BoldHQ has a great product and team behind it. I met with them recently and demoed the product. It cleverly automates your payouts making your 1099 workforce less of a headache.
@stvmcg Thanks, Steve! We really appreciate the support.
Is this US only? Any European equivalents or plans to launch there?
@jasondainter Hey Jason - we're fully supported in the U.S. today (payouts + tax compliance) and have ~ 40 countries in beta support (payouts only) now. We'd love to have you in that pilot program. Can you drop us a line at paybetter (at) gobold (dot) com and we'll help you get started?
How is this the only "on demand payout platform"? Isn't this exactly what does?
@chrismessina Hey Chris - great question. That messaging is a bit pithy (mea culpa), so I'll try to expound upon some of the key differences: 1) Bold supports same-day ("on-demand") payouts. Today that takes the form of Wire transfers, though there are a number of initiatives around realtime payouts both domestically and abroad. We're at the forefront of that and, in fact, have presented at numerous banking conferences on this exact topic. 2) Bold was designed to track dynamic work earnings, as is common in the on-demand economy, and trigger payouts on command. Triggers can include things like manual API initiation, the eclipsing of a dollar threshold, or the passing of a programmed time interval, to give some examples. By comparison, is particularly strong in the traditional invoice with terms environment. 3) Bold Recipients do not need to register for a Bold account to receive direct deposits. While we do make hosted tools available to our clients to use as they choose, the real value of the solution is realized in a fully integrated environment. I'd love to get your feedback on the product. Thanks again for keeping us honest! Sean