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Hey folks, Thanks for checking out BodyWise! I'm Co-founder and responsible for product-design and keeping the lights on. BodyWise is a health & fitness tracker that educates, motivates and assists in creating a healthier lifestyle. Where other apps focus on specific tasks and some do it very well, we felt that nothing hits the mark of mixing diet, activity and lifestyle habit accountability in a powerful way. It's bootstrapped down in Australia by myself and my old friend and co-founder David Banks (a personal trainer). This is our third version. The short story is that we were one of the first Quantified Self apps back a few years ago before we even knew of that term. We started out wanting to track specific habits and things that we had to otherwise track in a journal (body measurements, caffeine intake, mood, etc.) so we could get a better picture of whether what we were doing was working. It was quite manual and had big user churn. We built version 2 and tried to make a huge app on a bootstrapped budget. Of course we ended up with a lot of features, but none of them executed well. Version 3 is much more polished (and reliable). We wanted to be able to open it and get an accurate sense of my health-related actions that day at a very quick glance. We also knew that no-one was going to track and lose weight, wake up feeling more energetic or generally feel better about themselves without diet tracking, so we rethought diet tracking to a tap based UI where you log food groups rather than specific foods which so many find exhaustive and hard to stick with. We've tried to solve some of the problems associated with gathering large amounts of health data in a unique way. I'm around if anyone has any questions or feedback. Thanks! Mike
@mrmikehalligan Hey Mike. Congratulations on launching BodyWise. Love the design of the app and the reason for its existence. I've tried like 10 different apps like this, but would love to give yours a shot for the next one month. My expectations are pretty high! 🙌
@imkarthikk Thanks Kevin. Would love for you to give it a shot and let me know your experience and feedback!
very intriguing . I was quite literally going to research fitness tracking apps this week. The Fitbit integration is key for me. So let's how it goes.
@zedsq Awesome. Shout out if I can be of any help
@mrmikehalligan Just tried this and as I was tracking for the day it just shut down and none of my info was saved. The refresh token for the health app was not found. It was useful though when it was working for me.
@kevinfischer Oh really? Don't you love only discovering a bug like that once it goes up on ProductHunt haha. We'll look into fixing it today but thanks for checking it out and letting us know Kevin
Hi Mike. Nice looking design! Like many others on the thread, I've been looking for an app that does fitness tracking and sleep tracking together. For now, I've been relying on separate ecosystems for it all. I also like the training buddy system to keep motivated. In the future, can you invite training buddies to a workout you want to do?
@kunalslab Hi Kunal. Thanks for checking it out! Its pretty early days with the buddy system. There's a lot it could do (challenges like 30 day squat challenges/15 workouts in a month/no alcohol for 14 days, logging workouts together, a goal to both achieve together), but we're pretty open to what customers are responding too and crying out for. Is there anything that you'd specifically like to do?
@mrmikehalligan I've just started an email thread between me and my fitness friends to go to free workouts around the area before or after work. It's kind of hard to coordinate, and had a lot of people flake out mainly because they didn't remember or didn't understand what the workout would entail. Perhaps that was due to some of the loss in translation over email, or Sunday afternoon isn't the best time to send out the weekly email!
@kunalslab Interesting! I'll keep that in mind as we work this out. Any other feedback feel free to hit me up at Thanks Kunal!