The exact steps to lose fat and build muscle

Bodyforge is a new iOS app that provides the exact steps to lose fat and build muscle. It’s science-based, easy to follow, and can adapt to what works best for you. Learn to lift weights and prepare meals with the exact portions and nutrients your body needs.

I would like to try this but it only offers facebook sign in. At least offer google or just standard email address/password
@concreteforest That's totally fair! I wanted to keep things (reasonably) simple for v1, but I do plan to add email/password for those who don't want to authenticate with Facebook. Thank you for the feedback!
@rockysmit would be brilliant if this used KG like the rest of the world does. Shame Nixion never fixed that problem with lbs :-)
@rockysmit @jamie_ross, it does! During the initial setup you can select your preferred units! I just used pounds in the mocks because that's what my brain understands :P
Hey @rockysmith, nice job on this! How long have you been in development?
@kenny_allen Thanks! It took about 18 months, but much of that was spent prototyping.
Definitely worth a try.