Send TestFlight invites to beta testers automatically

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what needs to be improved is testflight..such a painful system to manage beta normal user i know find it easy
Wish there was a way for beta users to find companies who are looking for testers so I can be on these lists πŸ˜‚
@tonyyo11 Maybe I'll add an option for testers to opt-into testing other apps as well
@burgalon thats be amazing. I've always been interested in beta testing but never know who needs testers and theres no real easy way to find them
@burgalon @tonyyo11 agreed. I wonder if you could also charge per X number of beta users that sign up & then do a revenue split with a beta tester so they essentially get paid to try out apps
@tonyyo11 good one! I could use that myself. For now, you can hop on my startup's (IRememba) private beta list .. rolling out in Nov. :)
@tonyyo11 would love to get you on the Pikazo beta! I'll set this up tomorrow and share you the link?
Hey guys, I'm the maker of @boardingbot. Would love to hear your thoughts for features you might want to see added. Right now BoardingBot also allows sending emails to testers which I thought was missing from TestFlight.
@burgalon @boardingbot The whole process is terrible in my opinion and makes it way harder than it needs to share a project with others and let them test it. You need to download test flight, open a link, download the other app. I feel you are on the right way on solving a crucial problem but it is a tough one for sure! Good luck!
I've built something similar to this too! Think its quite a cool idea :)