Bring board games to life with the power of AR

The first release supports Boggle - see all the word combinations you missed after a game with friends! We use computer vision to understand the real state of a board game and augmented reality to overlay solutions on the real world.
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Hey everyone! Excited to share BoardBoss with you. When we released Magic Sudoku - ARkit, the biggest question was “doesn’t this ruin the game?” — and yeah, it kind of did. With BoardBoss we are making sure to focus on adding features to games that *enhance* the experience for players. With Boggle, if there’s a good word that everyone missed you just never know; you only improve as quickly as the best player around the table. BoardBoss changes that! Now, after the game is done, you can see the words everyone missed just like you could in an app — meeting the best of the physical and digital worlds.
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Tested the app and I'm really impressed! Could your technology be applied to create a running leaderboard / "advanced stats" between me and my friends? Big boggle guy and would love to track this 🤓
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@mattblank Thanks, Matt! We think leaderboards are a great next feature. One thing that software is uniquely poised to do is logging things like, "You're the first to find X word!"
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Premium feature request: Messaging UI that looks like you’re texting, but actually sending you answers.
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What’s next after boggle?
@georgejurgens we worked on prototyping Chess at a hackathon last week. It seems promising!
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Awesome product design and simplicity. Love the neon lights and game aesthetic. Powerful tech works as expected. So much you can do with this kind of app to bridge the digital and irl worlds. Excited to show this off to my friends!
@nicaguilar Thanks! Appreciate the feedback.