Secure conversions that otherwise would have been lost

@mehgl and @jlindau - can you both tell us the story around this :) What was the development process like?
Yes. Would love to @bentossell! It came about as we started doing call-tracking. Most of our customers kept talking about getting the "real" kind of calls, sorting through customer intent. If _just_ they could get the chance to talk to those who really needed help, the value of calls would be immense and at the same time increase conversions at their webpage. We started segmenting visitor behaviour, making sure that the customer really needed to call (or get call-back). We were able to do this because we already had the analytics foundation to segment visitors based on their data behavior. And as a few customers started getting the "right" calls the next obvious question was "can you help us get more email permissions? Can you help us make sure that this and this kind of visitors do this and this" In the end we have started the journey of developing the engine that sorts through: what kind of engagement, does this visitor need, at this specific moment to forward him in a customer funnel - our specific advantage is that it's a true omni-channel tool. It is not just permissions, or calls or promotions or offers. It's all of it at the right time.