Anonymize your digital footprint with decoy browsing history

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#2 Product of the DayApril 22, 2017

Blurr is a tool for user anonymity. Blurr works against data collection agencies to anonymize your digital footprint with meaningless browsing history.

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Charles Magnuson
Charles Magnuson@magnuson · Professional Consumer
While I love the idea of throwing a bunch of junk data at data collection companies, it seems like this tool will make me easier to track the more I use it because my computer will collect a trove of trackable cookies. Is this extension really a complete win for the user or is it more like throwing shit into a fan?
Ahmadeus@egotomoko · Creative Director. Designer. Brander.
Blurr offered by, as of now, that domain is on sale. Or are they blurring their own presence on the web?
Caleb Sylvest
Caleb Sylvest@calebsylvest · Partner & Experience Designer
Reminds me of Bathwater on the show "Hand of God" by Amazon, if anyone has seen it. Interesting idea, I wonder what the affect will be.
Aidan Cunniffe
Aidan Cunniffe@aidandcunniffe
Really cool concept, truly. I think you might be able to build this into a real business if you offer this sort of thing as a service. Maybe a headless browser could be used instead of chrome so you can run it in the background when there's idle time. I could definitely see some privacy conscious people wanting a thorough "wiping" from time to time
Karan Talati
Karan Talati@ktal90 · Software Engineer @ Sense360
While anonymizing my browsing to ISPs and other parties who track and profile my behavior is very appealing, I'm wondering what effects would come out of using this that I might not want. For example, while I don't like the idea of my browsing behavior being tracked, will I get random advertisements in my Facebook timeline for products I would never browse/buy?
Shlomo Klahr
Shlomo KlahrHunter@_sklahr_
@ktal90 would you rather targeted ads?