Anonymize your digital footprint with decoy browsing history

#2 Product of the DayApril 22, 2017

Blurr is a tool for user anonymity. Blurr works against data collection agencies to anonymize your digital footprint with meaningless browsing history.

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While I love the idea of throwing a bunch of junk data at data collection companies, it seems like this tool will make me easier to track the more I use it because my computer will collect a trove of trackable cookies. Is this extension really a complete win for the user or is it more like throwing shit into a fan?
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Blurr offered by, as of now, that domain is on sale. Or are they blurring their own presence on the web?
Reminds me of Bathwater on the show "Hand of God" by Amazon, if anyone has seen it. Interesting idea, I wonder what the affect will be.
Really cool concept, truly. I think you might be able to build this into a real business if you offer this sort of thing as a service. Maybe a headless browser could be used instead of chrome so you can run it in the background when there's idle time. I could definitely see some privacy conscious people wanting a thorough "wiping" from time to time
While anonymizing my browsing to ISPs and other parties who track and profile my behavior is very appealing, I'm wondering what effects would come out of using this that I might not want. For example, while I don't like the idea of my browsing behavior being tracked, will I get random advertisements in my Facebook timeline for products I would never browse/buy?
@ktal90 would you rather targeted ads?