the best way to reward individuals on your team.

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the guys at Vungle apparently really like this.
Is it available to the public? It only has a "contact us" form.
This is really compelling, but I'd like to have at least a little insight into the prices. They mentioned $200 Amex cards in a faq, should a company expect to pay a similar amount?
Hey guys, Blueboard here! @_jacksmith thanks for the mention - Vungle was one of our early users, and they've been awesome customers. @rrhoover right now only companies can use us internally with their own employees. if your company doesn't use blueboard, you won't have access to our menu of experiences unfortunately. @willimholte that's a good point - we don't list prices because we create custom plans for our clients, to find something that fits their needs. $200 is a price that covers some of our starter experiences. Happy to take this convo offline if you'd like to learn more!
@rrhoover @willimholte @_jacksmith what's the #1 experience on your bucketlist? if we don't already have it, would love to add it to Blueboard