A simple, beautiful Twitter client for macOS 🐦⚡️

#2 Product of the DayJuly 23, 2018

You can go from light to dark as effortlessly as clicking an on-screen button, change tint hues to match any outfit, or cycle through your timelines with your keyboard. It's the same old Twitter, but with a fresh new coat of paint.

  • Pros: 

    Looks Nice



    The developer will make excuses for not fixing any of the bugs in his software then release a new project.

    Prime example is Milkeddit.

    I would recommend to not purchasing from this dev

    Manny Orduña has never used this product.
  • Sai Kambamapti
    Sai KambamaptiiOS Developer and AI Enthusiast

    Super minimal Twitter client, definetly the best designed! Packs a lot of features not included in the “popular” Twitter clients! Worth it!!


    A few bugs, but nothing user interrupting and can’t be fixed by a simple software update

    It’s amazing that such a competent Twitter client was designed by one person only in his free time! This Twitter client is easily the best designed as well as the best jam-packed features. It’s got a lot of features that aren’t included in most “popular” Twitter clients like Tweetbot and Twitterific. I’ve been using this for a week (special access) and I’m very impressed with it! While it does have a few bugs, it’s all very small and nothing frustrating! Definitely worth the money!

    Sai Kambamapti has used this product for one week.
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Gabriel Lewis
Gabriel LewisHunter@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
Bluebird was made with design and minimalism in mind, focusing on the ease of usability whilst being gorgeous and a visual treat alongside. 🗒 Along with the ability to change themes and toggle dark mode, there are many other notable features as follows. • Simple and intuitive to use • Multiple timelines that can be tweaked to look how you want • Change theme hues and font sizes • Beautiful dark mode • Tweet composition with intuitive tweet character count • Text styling when composing new tweets (bold, italics, or monospaced) • Insert ASCII faces in tweets • View users' mentions and liked tweets • View blocked and muted users • Local and global trends • User profiles with tweets, lists, mentions, liked tweets, and followers/following • Mute filters • Search tweets • Notifications • Share Extension to share links • Translate tweets and instantly reply to them • Like, retweet, and quote tweet • Follow and unfollow users quickly and easily • Gorgeous in-app images and video content • Report or block users • Text selection in timelines • Share tweets • Extensive keyboard shortcuts 🎮 Key bindings and shortcuts make it easier than ever to get to a section of the app, and themes are just as easily accessible. 🧐 We’d love to know your thoughts and any feedback you may have. You can find the developer on Twitter @JPEGuin or @TheBluebirdApp. All the feedback and responses really help!
Manoj Nayak
Manoj Nayak@exist2016 · Web Publishing and Content Marketer.
Where is the macapp? I cannot see?
Ramy Wafaa
Ramy Wafaa@ramywafaa · Founder
I like the UI a lot! And the features seems to be plenty. Am getting it. Great work shehab
@ramywafaa Thank you Ramy, I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Hayden Evans
Hayden Evans@hayden_evans
Looks nice, but it's a shame that Twitter will continue to cripple this app and any other third-party Twitter clients with their horrible treatment of developers now and into the near future.
David Klein
David Klein@diklein · Principal Designer @ Fyusion
Does the Mac app support timeline sync using iCloud or TweetMarker?