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why does this cost more than wealthfront?
@sarahintampa interesting fact: I read this comment and decided not to even click through to their site. PH saves time. And I like that.
@sarahintampa Fees are confusing. We get a lot of questions about them. Just to clarify, that's kind of an apples to oranges comparison. While Wealthfront charges basis points which will increase the dollar amount your paying as the account balance increases, blooom keeps it simple and transparent. We charge $1/mo. if your account is less than $20,000 and $15/mo. if it's over $20,000. That amount will never increase. We do this because we understand that charging basis points can get confusing for the average investor and we want the client to know EXACTLY what they're paying.
Hi! This is Zach from blooom. Just wanted to hop on and make myself available for any questions about blooom!