Video fitness app for emotional health

Bloom is a video fitness app for your emotional health by combining interactive videos with guided journaling exercises and breathing meditations.
Key features:
📱Interactive Video Classes
📝 Guided Journaling Exercises
🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏾‍♂️ Breathing Meditations
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Hi Product Hunt! ✌️ We’re Daniel & Leon , the Founders of Bloom. Thanks a lot @jansenniklas for hunting us! We're excited to be here and answer any questions you might have! ___ Bloom is a video fitness app for your emotional health. We combine interactive videos with guided journaling exercises and breathing meditations. New journeys are published every week on topics like stress, fear, anxiety, relationships, emotions and personal growth & many more. 💭*Our passion* Daniel & I have been practicing Self-Care & Mindfulness for years. We love journaling, meditate almost daily and practice a lot of personal development. We regularly meet up in mastermind groups and also organize our own private retreats. 💡*Lightbulb Moment* Education has always been our passion. That’s why we are building mobile apps that help people unlock their full potential. Last year we built a learning app for professional skills to help people advance their careers. But besides work competencies, we’ve seen a big demand for skills to improve our emotional well-being. For example dealing with negative emotions, stress & anxiety or having mindful communication. While there are many meditation apps out there, we couldn’t find any with a learning focused approach, and then decided to build one. 🙅‍♀️ *Problem* We live in a busy world and stress & anxiety has become a big modern issue. 87% of Americans experienced problems with emotional or mental health. Many people flock to mindfulness but struggling with keeping a meditation routine. We believe there is more to self-care and mindfulness than just meditation. 🛠 *Solution* We wanted to take a new approach to self-care and combine interactive videos with guided journaling exercises and breathing meditations. Learn the science behind why we experience fear, stress or negative emotions and learn techniques to overcome them. All content is based on science and research. *Key Features*: Daily Interactive Video Classes on Self-Care Guided Journaling Exercises Mini Breathing Meditations Track your emotions and progress Learn about yourself and the science of mindfulness 🌠*Mission*: Our mission is to help people live their best self. We want to help everyone unlock their true potential and cultivate more joy and happiness. There are many more things we have in the pipe and we’re excited to help people change their lives and develop more mindfulness in their lives. If you have any feedback or questions, we’ll be here all day answering. Hope to chat with anyone who loves what we’re doing! -Leon, Daniel & the entire Bloom Crew
Looks super promising and for me personally, very interesting as well! I'm very aligned with what Leon has up his sleeves :) This dude is gonna find a way to make things happen, and when it comes down to businesses that are trying to make an impact and not just trying to make money for the sake of making money, we need more of them!
@jacob_zangelidis Thanks so much for the kind words.
I met Leon and Daniel years ago in Berlin. They are amazing product people and I have been impressed by how passionate they are about the emotional health space. I'm super excited about Bloom's mission and the interactive approach to self-care rather than just being a content app.
Really doing something good in the world. Nice work guys 👏
@louis_ryan Thanks so much Louis
Beautiful product! Keep it up guys
@inigo_usoa Thanks Inigo!!!