The most powerful face editor, ever. Use AI to edit faces.

Bloom is the next generation photo editor. A new kind of AI lets you make hyper-realistic, precision edits to any face.
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Someone has taken far more than inspiration from Apple's product pages. ...And wants to hoard your biometrics.
Does Bloom ever store a user's images on their servers? The privacy policy does not mention images:
When it will be available for android??
@muhammad_wasim_shahzad Hi Muhammad, planning on this in the next few months.
Wow! Looks awesome. I want to try it :) Congratulations!
@peteliev Thank you! We're super excited to launch on December 15th!
Love it! Congratulations on the launch!
@fajarsiddiq Thank you! We're very excited. Be sure to pre-order our app on the app store. Link is to the right of the video.
@fajarsiddiq they haven't launched...