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I was first introduced to Bloom at RunwaySF and loved it, so much so that when we built out our own space on 3rd and Market, we hired Bloom here as well. I've learned more about coffee and even speak to people more because of them. You'd be surprised how isolating a coworking space/accelerator can be, even when there are no walls.
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Curated coffees, no-fail brewing. Bloom makes it happen.
Love Bloom! They served coffee at our first CMX Summit and we got a ton of compliments on it.
Ridiculous gibberish to sell an addictive drug subscription. Corporate culture is built on attitude, not caffeine.
@thomas Company culture is also built on informal interactions. Creating the right environment for them to happen is one of the keys to facilitate such conversations. The coffee breaks have famously been a big part in company culture since ages ago. I personally like the spin Bloom gives on it. There's potential to create something fun for teams and create nice discussions. THAT SAID, I agree that their wording is a bit pompous and I would tone done the whole "company culture" thing to rather focus on interactions, getting to know each other, or even pun-ny things like "blowing off steam" which may add a self-aware corny touch. Not everyone's thing but I like companies that do that and personally think it would fit the product's purpose.
I like @derrick_spinkle's description: "A modern spin on the classic 1950's tea lady!"