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#3 Product of the DayAugust 26, 2016
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This. is. GORGEOUS. AWESOME design. Whimsical, modern, simple, beautiful. Nothing more, nothing less. Nice one, team @blokdust @basgras
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This is awesome - (I think). Maybe its just too early in the morning and I need coffee or this is quite complicated and I need to invest some serious time (that I don't have) in this! Beginners tips: - Click and hold the bloks to get them to play! OR - Watch the tutorial @rrhoover you love things like this - enjoy! (I still love Incredibox)
Cool tool for creating sound & music. It's also open source! Quoting one of the makers from Reddit: "For tutorials, examples and the code is available to learn from, fork and contribute towards, enjoy!"
I have no idea what this is, but looks damn gorgeous!
I can say just FANTASTIC. Loved it. Congrats guys it's something WELL DONE. Is interactive, easy and intuitive. Can't wait to see people's creation. Would be great to have a "discover" section to listen new creations.
@rohillion Hey thanks! Yes, we've been thinking about adding a discover section to our site. For now though, there's a subreddit for blokdust creations -