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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 06, 2020
Versoly allows you to build well designed SaaS landing pages, websites and blogs.
All websites come with HTTPS, SEO, forms and much more.
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From the start of Versoly we knew we wanted a world class blogging CMS, but the bar was high. After launching Versoly and listening to our customers the blogging CMS was next on the roadmap. The blogging CMS includes a ton of cool features, but we will focus on the key ones for making your life better: Built to Convert (SEO, Performance and Emails) The purpose of a B2B blog is to convert visitors to paid customers. That is the number 1 goal of the Versoly blogging CMS. The blog scores 98/100 for page speed making it one of the fastest blogging CMS on the market. For page speed nerds we also cache the CSS and JS for the marketing site and blog so switching from blog to the marketing site is instant. The blog is 100% static and hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) so it is lighting fast, secure and backed up. The blog allows you to collect emails easily with email forms on the side and at the bottom of posts. We also have a zapier integration so you can connect it to your email provider. Medium Style Editor Writing content should be as effortless as possible. Writers enjoy using the medium style editor over other styles as it is quick and easy to make edits. You can style text, import new and existing images easily and we have many custom elements and plan on adding a lot more. Constant updates By using the Versoly platform you get free updates for your blog, we will monitor and update blog page speeds, SEO settings and design changes to make sure your blog is built to convert. Any feature that the website builder gets in the future you will also be able to use inside the blog such as popups, analytics and global blocks. Future We are competing against giants such as Wordpress however we’re confident we can build the best solution and offer amazing customer service. As such we’re constantly making Versoly better and we take onboard all feedback and love building features that customers need quickly. Popups (on exit, on click and many more options) Analytics Global Blocks (share blocks between pages and blogs) Public Blocks (Blocks from the community) AB testing Want to follow the journey? Personal Twitter: Company Twitter: P.S. We went and found the biggest SaaS blog with 500+ blog posts and tested it out. We complied and uploaded the blog in under 0.3 seconds. P.S.S You can try Versoly free without signing up and for the next 4 days we are offering a huge discount of 33% on the startup plan use the coupon code “PH-BLOG”
I have been following you guys, the product is only getting better and better. You are building a beauty there
@navin_hiremath Thanks so much!
@volkandkaya is back again with yet another excellent product for founders! Intuitive blog publishing was one of the main reasons why I switched to Versoly for my venture. Easy-to-use (Honestly, all you need is to enter your blog and publish them), fast, and it will convert!
@ertugrul_cavusoglu Thanks, customers were asking for a long time and not having a blog was the only reason people wouldn't swap from Wordpress and other builders :)
Love this - congrats on the launch!
@harrydry Thanks Harry :) Your work is a big inspiration and has helped a lot.
Congrats dude, very excited to go check this out!
@mrgolders Thanks, let me know how it goes :)