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#3 Product of the DayNovember 01, 2014

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This product hunt post has more information than their product landing page. IE: both the product name AND a blurb about it.
@willimholte Haaaa good call. Video is interesting:
@willimholte it'd probably be good to follow the same rules as "Show HN"...i.e. no vaporware (beta/alpha release are OK)
@dshan Yeah I know I'm being a jerk but this is the sort of stuff that irks me. Generally I don't want to watch videos to learn about things I want to read—means I can keep my music playing & skim headlines to parts I'm interested in—easily skip parts I don't care about/already understand.
Just released today, has anyone tried it?
@jjeremycai I just tried @blocsapp! Pretty quick learn and fun. I was able to produce this webpage in a couple hours
Just saw the update today, great job guys!
I used Blocs 2.0 and feeling the potential. Sometimes I get a request to make a website like another one. I tried replicating a site with this tool and it didn't take much time at all. We're going to keep messing with it!