Blocs CMS

Design any project or design flow in Blocs

Get started and working together with this great workflow. Design in Blocs for Mac and clients can edit online with Pulse. No coding needed.

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1 Review5.0/5
Blocs is just great. I used it to make the website for my latest product. It was a very pleasant experience. It's good to see that Pulse and Blocs found each other.
Used it to make about 10 free templates. Very easy to use and super fast results. The version 1.x contained quite a lot of bugs I've discovered during usage. Version 2.x seems to be much more tested. Waiting for more components ;)
@normsheeran what about wordpress? Integration with blocs
Make your site the way you always do with Blocs. Add a blog, image galleries, sliders, brics, contact forms... without needing to setup or install a database. Design Pulse templates and export from Blocs. No need to code.
Really interesting. I like simplicity of your product. It shows how much you can get from very little being done.