Blockstack Token

Blockstack is a new internet for decentralized apps

Blockstack Token is a utility token for the Blockstack network. It enables users to access decentralized apps on the Blockstack ecosystem.

The Blockstack Token introduces incentive mechanisms, decentralized governance, and new features like support for truly independent mobile clients. The token will be launched in a new genesis block.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
An important effort from some of the smartest entrepreneurs on the planet — good luck yall, go Blockstack go
@johnexley Thanks John, have always appreciated the support you've given us.
Excited to see this on PH! Super interesting project, and the token whitepaper was a good read; I'm working on a post about it that I'd love to run by you guys. One thing that didn't get elaborated on much in the paper but that I've been thinking about - what do you expect users to SPEND Stacks on? I would assume namespaces and possibly storage; anything else? Will Stacks be used in Blockstack ecosystem apps, or will they be usable when interacting with the layer 2 chain only?
@nneuman Thank you! Good question. You spend stacks on registering IDs (buying domains like for your IDs) and developers spend them on registering apps. That's like having an app store without Apple or Google! The stacks that are used to "pay" for these transactions are destroyed because we can't have some centralized party that takes all the stacks.
@nneuman Domain names, usernames and namespaces! Every Blockchain ID (user identity) needs a username and every application needs a domain name. And you can create new namespaces for very specific use-cases, like software licensing, ID'ing physical devices, etc. Stacks will also be able to be used for payments in applications, but that will not be required.
Congrats, guys. I know you've been working on this field for 6 years, Muneeb, so really pumped for you and Ryan.
@marcbhargava Thanks, Marc. Excited to have you and Kal as one of the early backers of the project!
@marcbhargava Thanks Marc! Great to be working with you.
crazy ambitious idea. kudo to the makers behind
This video from Blockstack Summit with @Naval and @ryaneshea is a must watch for anyone interested in crypto/blockchains, and forms the basis for the AngelList Weekly we did.
@naval @nivo0o0 Glad you enjoyed the interview Niv. Would love to hear what you would have liked us to cover.