Blockchain technology powers this new internet. With the Blockstack Browser, you’ll be able to access people, communities, apps, and services built on the blockchain from your browser. A gateway to a new, decentralized internet.

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Blockchain/cryptocurrency space is heating up. 🔥 Today, YC-backed Blockstack's founders, @ryaneshea and @muneeb, announced their a new browser at Consensus 2017. Great opener in their blog post: The internet is broken. It has been for a while. Even the fathers of the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Vint Cerf, say that it's broken. @albertwenger from USV wrote more about the announcement in the USV blog. Keep an eye on this space.
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@rrhoover @ryaneshea @albertwenger Thanks, Ryan! We're really excited about it. Can't believe that it's been 3 years since we were at YC together and just starting off :-)
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@muneeb @ryaneshea those group office hours with @ilikevests and @qasar feel like yesterday. 😊
@muneeb @rrhoover @albertwenger Yes we had an amazing YC class and an awesome weekly meeting group. Product Hunt, Checkr, Blockstack. Top draft picks.
after watching silicon valley, i thought this idea was great, and i'm glad others did too. look forward to welcoming blockstack
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Hugely interesting movement here and I wonder how long it will be until we look back and think how crazy the broken Internet has been.
Curious to hear from the founders if the Blockstack Browser is intended to protect our identities as we visit all of the web properties we currently visit on a day-to-day basis, or if their intention is for developers to reinvent many of the most popular web applications entirely, rewriting them with blockchain technology, to exist in a brand new Internet, powered by Blockstack. Thx!
@johnexley On Blockstack people can register global usernames/identity that they directly own. So not registered with any company. Then users can login to any app using their own identity without passwords. This was simply not possible before on the traditional internet; no concept of a global username and user-owned data there.
@muneeb no mobile support?
@muneeb like Steve Gibson's SQRL?
0.01 BTC to register a username? I understand that it is a developer's version but still...