Blockstack Auth

SSO and authentication without 3rd parties or remote servers

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Vijay Michalik
Vijay MichalikHunter@vijaymichalik · Strategy, PegaSys, ConsenSys
Recent comments from Tim Berners-Lee highlight the growing need to give users back control of their data storage, access and privacy. Blockstack have been dead set on helping achieve this goal, using Bitcoin's blockchain tech as a foundation. This release makes available developer libraries available in JavaScript and Ruby for implementation of their open source tool, Blockstack Auth, which enables user-centric identity and supports their vision for user-governed data. In their own words: "Removing third parties from the equation means going from a state where your identity is defined by Google and Facebook to a state where your identity is defined by just you. You’re freed from the shackles of digital feudalism."
Muneeb Ali
Muneeb AliMakerHiring@muneeb · CEO, Blockstack PBC. Princeton PhD.
@vijaymichalik Thanks, Vijay, for posting! This is timely given how Tim Berners-Lee won the Turing Award (the Noble Prize for computing) yesterday and his next mission is to re-decentralize the internet. I'd like to point out that Blockstack has several components and the Auth system is just one piece. We have built the entire stack needed to run a decentralized internet. Developers can, however, just use only the Auth component if they want.