The future of real estate, accessible for all

blockimmo is the world's first blockchain powered, regulatory compliant platform; our ecosystem enables shared property investments and ownership.

Our platform is live! We invite you to onboard and invest in our demo property, where you will receive 3x your investment back (max. investment of 0.1 ETH). Earn approx. $30 as an early adopter!

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Accessible Real Estate
Hi Product Hunters! It's exciting right? Investing in a piece of real estate, just as easy as you can buy a share of company. On our blockchain powered platform we tokenize real estate - and you can buy these tokens (own a piece of a property) with just one click! Please check it out on What's even more important, our legal structure is regulatory compliant, meaning you don't have to just take my word for it - we have received positive feedback from two financial regulators within triple-A jurisdictions (Switzerland / Liechtenstein). We introduce a clean way to synchronize a token with a property, our legal structure ensures the highest degree of investor protection. And we are transparent about it, learn more: Now, before we are going to list a real property, we are looking forward to your feedback! Please go ahead and onboard and invest in our dummy property Phoenix. Once the crowd-sale is successful you will be rewarded! We will pay out a dividend of 3 times your initial investment of 0.1 ETH, resulting in 0.3 ETH (approx. $45). And you get to test our platform again as we pay out the dividends through it (yes, you will be notified!). Alright, lot's of things to do! - Setup your Ethereum wallet (i.e. MetaMask) - Buy Ether (i.e. through Coinbase) - Invest in the Phoenix Property on - You will find our full tutorial / step-by-step guide here: ...and look at it from the bright side: you are going to setup your wallet, buy crypto etc. not for speculation / HODL but to actually use a product! :-) Have fun and we're very much looking forward to your feedback! the blockimmo team Mike Jesse & Bastiaan @waya_ai @jessengatai & @basjee --- PS: I know, I didn't touch many topics / benefits that tokenization of real estate brings, most important is probably the secondary market, where we turn an illiquid asset into something liquid and make it easy tradable. This, and a lot more topics we cover in several detailed blog posts. Are you interested? Please read them here and do reach out to us if you have an idea for collaboration (partnership, license, whitelabling, etc. - we are very open to talk!).
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bevanbartonPeepeth creator
@waya_ai @jessengatai @basjee Congratulations on your progress so far!
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