Blockfolio 2.0

Effortlessly manage all your crypto in one place.

Blockfolio 2.0 is the leading network for mobile cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and management. Millions of people trust Blockfolio to stay connected to the pulse of the industry through market data, news, and direct updates from leaders of top crypto projects.

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Hi Product Hunt community, and thank you to @jmj for hunting us! For those who don't know, we started Blockfolio in 2014 with the vision of connecting crypto investors, token projects, and exchanges by making data and information easily accessible and free for everyone in the ecosystem. Today, we are super excited to release Blockfolio 2.0 with a brand new design and a slew of highly requested features for newcomers and professional traders alike. Highlights include the ability to: - Discover and track prices for 6,000+ cryptocurrencies across 250+ exchanges - Organize holdings across multiple portfolios - Receive important updates directly from 100+ of your favorite crypto team leaders (0x, Ethereum Classic, Monero, Dash, Zcash, and more) via Blockfolio Signal, a first-of-its-kind communications platform built exclusively for token teams and their communities to engage - Research market trends and set automatic pricing alerts *** Available to all token teams and crypto enthusiasts 100% free *** The Blockfolio team and I will be available all day to answer questions, and we welcome your feedback on our new app. Enjoy!
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@jmj @edward_moncada Looks much better & way cleaner UI. Well done! πŸ‘πŸΌ
@jmj @edward_moncada UI looks amazing! Congrats to the team, I'm very excited that this is rolling out!
I'm excited to support @edward_moncada and the Blockfolio team with this awesome release. Having used the new version already, I think it's a HUGE step forward in usability, design, and performance for Blockfolio's many millions of users.
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The new update looks amazing! The best crypto tracking app just got better. Congrats @edwardamoncada and @peterlau!
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Thanks Ming!
I switched to Delta some time ago for the design, but this is making me want to switch back. Great job!
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@alekplay We welcome everyone! Glad to hear you like it.
Super excited and proud of the team for releasing this!
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I work with Crypto Briefing, and I've always loved Blockfolio - having access to the beta of v2.0 was fantastic, the whole interface redesigned, the new features are terrific, it just feels like a major upgrade to a wholly better product. Can't recommend it any higher than this: I use it for my job!
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