A simpler way to do blockchain research

Blockdata is a brand new way to do blockchain research. Go beyond cryptocurrencies and explore the full blockchain ecosystem: the projects, companies, and products.

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Jonathan here (CEO and co-founder). I’m super excited to finally release what we’ve been building for 9 months! We built Blockdata because we were frustrated at the difficulty of researching blockchain technology. Not to mention all the bad documentation, unfeasible promises, and scammy marketing… We are differentiating ourselves by focusing on the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. So rather than just showing tokens and their prices, we allow you to explore the projects, the companies behind them, and the products they’re building. A few more things about our data: - no pre-ICO projects - we never accept money from projects to add/change/remove data - 200+ projects at launch, with about 30 being added each week - data is always checked by at least 2 people on our team - we’ve created a classification system based on NACE, the EU’s industry standard classification system Some stats about building Blockdata: - 9 months to build - 5 team members - 83 investor conversations - 179 customer interviews - 350 alpha users - 3000+ hours of research - 3 complete overhauls of our website - 1 goal: to map and track the blockchain ecosystem I hope you like what we’ve built! Any comments, feedback, etc is greatly appreciated. Jonathan
@jpknegtel Great to see this launch publicly! I was fortunate enough to meet up with Jonathan a few weeks ago to talk about the blockchain space and the Blockdata project. I met the team and saw what they were doing and the commitment they have given to the project is phenomenal! All the best guys! Hope the beta goes smoothly and I am paying close attention to the project as I see it becoming the wikipedia counterpart to anything blockchain!
@colinwinhall thanks for joining us a-little on our journey!
@jpknegtel @colinwinhall Thanks for the kind words Colin. Much appreciated!
@jpknegtel PS, Jonathan is a pretty awesome guy (in case anyone wondered!).
I think this is great
@ihecci Thanks! If you ever have some feedback just hit us up on intercom!
@ihecci Thanks!!🙏🏼
@lucas_schweiger @nielslucker Blockdata is dope! This market really needs more researches, and more educated investors/holders/everyone. We would like to offer you to publish an interview about Blockdata at please PM me at for more details
@lucas_schweiger @startupradius @paul_shuteyev Thanks for the lovely compliments Paul. Would love to get in touch more and talk about this interview. I will PM you.
@lucas_schweiger @nielslucker Great! Will be waiting for your email 😉
The blockchain space so needed this. Congrats on an awesome product (the interface itself is worth a look) 👏👏👏 @jpknegtel @lucas_schweiger @nielslucker
@_jeremiahs Thanks dude! We worked hard to get this right :D
@_jeremiahs Thanks Jeremiah! Much appreciated!🙏🏼

An awesome tool to to stay updated on blockchain and token related startups/projects. Blockdata offers an unique data set of quantitative data of all these projects very useful and valuable.


agile team, strong data sets, flexible and responsive to new feature requests


fast changing data might be hard to keep updated