Blockchain Learning Center by Codementor is a curated list of everything related to blockchain development — from tutorials, courses, to development tools, and more.

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I thought this was extensive when I saw the tutorials and courses, but then thought leaders and podcasts? awesome!
@zalmay_karimi thanks! Glad to hear you like the learning center!
Hello again, Product Hunt! Since our launch in 2014, Codementor has grown as a community where developers can learn from each other. Following that philosophy, we created the Blockchain Learning Center as a place where beginners and advanced developers alike could learn more about the technology. In the learning center, you can find our hand-picked lists of: - Blockchain, Ethereum & Solidity tutorials - Blockchain development tools (including frameworks, libraries, services, etc.) - Courses, podcasts, and more Would love to hear any thoughts or feedback!
First of all, awesome topic. Codementor are definitely the right people to address this. Second of all, it's difficult to see where to begin - what is the right point of entry into this? It seems like a collection so far, but I'm not sure of the best path through it. Can you offer some guidance?
@vmarks Thanks for the kind words! This version is a collection curated by our Codementor team and is generally organized in our suggested reading order. For an example, I'd suggest starting with the "What is Blockchain" collection: and you can see our first suggested read is Y Combinator's post The Token Effect.
Great. But your best would be a decentralized version of (sth like with your own token/coin which makes getting paid & payments automated. I appreciate your job, but making an educational initiative is a product any team of BC devs can make. You'd better focus on adding real value in your field of expertise. Say, I'm wondering what has Naval Ravikant has done to blockchain (other than interviewing thought leaders & listing vacancies for devs & startups in front of VCs. Its a huge step in helping startups & I appreciate what he's done, But I'm just asking the direct reason/activity which has convinced you to list him as a thought leader?
@behradkhodayar Are you really asking why Naval is a thought leader?
@williamolojede Definitely No! I mean putting an avatar & linking it to twitter account isn't enough. Those new to blockchain world, need a brief under every avatar listing their major accomplishments in BC world. It'd help them in following (e.g.) the right person, regarding their major field of interest as they go deeper
@behradkhodayar Thanks for the suggestion! We definitely see there are a lot of opportunities for Codementor to provide value to the blockchain community. Not enough developers are learning about blockchain yet, and we'd love to do our part to help train the next wave of blockchain developers.
Unfortunately it's mostly Ethereum related. I'd love to learn more about EOS for example.
@hadifarnoud we'd love to add more materials about EOS and other public blockchains as well! If you have anything in mind, please do add a new suggestion here: