Blockchain as a Service by Microsoft is a platform for organizations to collaborate together by experimenting with blockchain technology.

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5 Reviews5.0/5
Bought some $SYS. Thanks PH for keeping me in the loop with your around the web section. :D
Nice to see Microsoft is joining the movement
Isn't the concept of a blockchain restricted to a platform like Azure kind of contradictory?
@hayden_evans yes but this is clerly for corporations 🤠
@hayden_evans Not really. Blockchain ≠ Open Source (in the context that others can rebuild it for different platforms). Our understanding of blockchain mostly comes from Cryptocurrencies, a lot of which support all major platforms.
@hayden_evans True!! More than collaboration, it seems like a funnel for increasing Azure users. I will recommend using instead
I like it! Good job
Has anyone tried Found it as a better & cheaper alternative to Microsoft's offering. What do you guys think?