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Sorry, this product was removed from the homepage with this note: Makers have requested this to be removed
by Ben Tossell (No-coder 👉

Coming soon for mac? bummer
@elliotmyhre agreed, it would be very nice to be able to be notified when it is available.
@elliotmyhre Same here, that's too bad ! But we can reckon there are some interesting ideas. My favorites are sync scroll between mobile and web view and bug reporting automation.
@elliotmyhre Yeah, I love how the hero image is running on a Mac... running Windows.
That's cool. I hope you launch it for Mac Soon!!!
This sounds awesome. Waiting for the linux version. Makers got it removed from the homepage, but would love to sign up for updates.
@wirddin Removed from homepage ! Jeez, first time hunting and I get a baby...