Meep! I'm your GIF butler on Twitter!

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Heya! We made BlippyBot as hack project to make our Tweets more fun. It's really simple to use. Mention the bot (@blippybot) and a query term (excited) in your tweet. BlippyBot posts a relevant GIF. Hilarity ensues! :) You can try it out without even connecting your Twitter account, but it works best when you're connected so that the GIF flows naturally from you in the conversation. Let me know any feedback or ideas... we're all ears!
Dear, God. This is what was returned with "gary busey":
@rrhoover haha... looks more like "Scary Busey" to me! :)
@rrhoover yeah this had you written all over it
@rrhoover this was exactly what I was looking for.
Magic pix!
This app makes me happy. And you can quote me on that.
Recently, GIFs had been upping my email game. Now, it's time to up my tweets too. B)