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Learn and discover engagement rings or upload your designs

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Hi Everyone, I bet I'm not the only one here with a long list of ideas for bots, it's a super interesting time for us entrepreneurs (: If you don't care about engagement rings, but care about bots I think you'll find it interesting as well (I explain below this para'), but I want to tell you first why we decided to narrow our list to BlingChat and started developing 8 months ago. BlingChat is a Facebook M bot for millennials to discover and learn about engagement rings, and for designers and stores to upload their rings and get discovered. Millennials are obviously our main market and they are spending 30 minutes each day on messaging platforms. In addition, 70% of the couples (at least in the US) are researching and choosing the rings together. In my opinion this is very important because it means couples are researching and chatting on the same platform (it's not a one time research, men research for 3 months, and women for at least 4 months). We also saw stats that show people are more open to buy jewelries online (30% YOY growth). I think you'll find our bot interesting because it's not one way flow of information from the bot to the user, it's also user-bot-user flow, including feedback and notifications you get and give as a user. Just to set the expectations, we invested most of our time and focus in creating a clear flow that will not confuse the user (non-tech user), we think it's more important. We started working with (love them!), but there is still a lot of work to do on our side. I want to say thanks to everyone who gave use feedback along the way, especially @itsiain (who took the above video) and @priteshvora. One last thing, we're launching and presenting BlingChat in the Tel-Aviv bot summit, so if you are there, please let us know, would be happy to meet (:
@erikbrodch @itsiain @priteshvora This is cool! Good luck at the conference tomorrow :)
A very good demonstration for the power of the bots, great product, upvote!
Keep up the good work Arik!! Good luck at the conference.