Blend 2.0

Create and customize beautiful CSS3 gradients

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Chrissy Collins
Chrissy Collins@chrissy_collins
Nice one! Feature request, put the two hex values in the address as params so you can send a gradient to people.
Skip Jones
Skip Jones@theeskipper · Product Design. Chatbots. UX Research.
I really appreciate how clean and intuitive this is. 🔥🔥🔥
Surya Heatz
Surya Heatz@surya_heatz
Awesome and simple UX! Feature Req : Make it illustrator friendly , one can give options to choose from either gradient or flat blending, so that we can import the entire colour palette as one sheet.
James O'Sullivan
James O'Sullivan@james_osullivan · Looking for a project!
Thank you! I love helpful things like this. Especially since I'm a n00b fancy CSS stuff.