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The best alternatives to Blend are Glassmorphism, mybrandnewlogo, and CSS Animation Cheat Sheet. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Blend
  • A modern CSS UI library based on the glassmorphism design principles that will help you quickly design and build beautiful websites and applications.

  • My Brand New Logo is a free online logo maker. Design your own professional logo with our online logo tool. Make a logo for free.

  • Awesome CSS3 plugin for spiffy animations

  • Favicon.io allows you to create a favicon in few simple clicks. Generate a favicon from text, from an image, or from an emoji. Download inico andpng formats.

  • A small JS library to dynamically change the favicon of your site to show notification badges, or images and videos.

  • • Export a single Figma frame to favicons in seconds. • Generates all of the code and image files required. • Copy/paste-able HTML snippet for your tag. • Includes a PWA (progressive web app) manifest file. • Exports as a production readyzip package.

  • Shapy is a CSS gradient generator that lets you create shapes and images by layering and moving around gradients on a single div tag. Shapy is inspired by the Daily CSS Images challenge, Razvan Caliman's talk about devtools for designers, as well as Lynn Fisher's A Single Div project.

  • Gradienty is home to thousands of gradients created by you or a computer and posted every hour. Generate your own gradient or find the perfect gradient for your next project. Copy color hex codes or the CSS gradient code directly from the gradient.

  • Find quickly all the class names and CSS properties with this interactive cheat sheet. The only Tailwind CheatSheet you will ever need!

  • Create color gradients reflecting cultural values & emotions

  • Handcrafted landing page templates for your next startup. Built with awesome framework Tailwind CSS and integrated a simple static website editor.

  • Flat, simple, responsive and hackable Gradient Color-Picker library. No dependencies, no jQuery. Compatible with all CSS Frameworks e.g. Bootstrap, Materialize. Supports alpha channel, rgba, hsla, hsva and more!

  • Discover your next favorite mobile app