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JesperBylund — Founder,
BlankPage is a tool to help people start and finish a book or novel. By providing a distraction free editor, motivational tools, and a clear writing process we help you get there.

This is a sideproject from Odd Alice, and I'm the founder. Feel free to AMA!
Paul Cothenet — Chief No Officer at MadKudu
@jesperbylund Love the idea and trying to move my drafts over from Svbtle. But I'm a bit confused by some of the concepts and UX.
- Why can't see my outline once I'm inside a piece?
- Not clear what's the best use of pieces (I usually write short blog posts)

Also, I think the timezone is off for me, so f**ks up my daily stats

Happy to discuss more if you'd like (pcothenet @
Ugur Kaner — Product designer w/ superpowers
I can't seem to find, how the product actually looks like?
JesperBylund — Founder,
@ugurkaner There's a video on the way. But right now it's free to login and have a look.
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