Blank Walls Are Criminal

An curated interactive gallery of global street art.

Hey Everyone. Blank Walls Are Criminal was born of the idea to document the world's best street art. Using geo tagged Instagrams we can plot the individual pieces on the globe and visualise the evolving nature of the canvas. Hope you dig it. Thanks!
@i_am_grant I like the concept. I was dreaming the "street style" version of the same concept. Fetching geotagged photos and visualise on the map.
@ozguralaz Thats super interesting. A sort of geotagged
@i_am_grant Yes, but "time" indicator is important for this project. At street art there is no seasonality or trends, but at "street style" seasonality is important.
Reminds me of last week's hunt, Google Street Art Project. @i_am_grant are you curated this yourself? Are you thinking about crowdsourcing it?
@rrhoover At the moment me and the designer curate it .Crowdsourcing may be a very nice idea - maybe following a route like auth. users as on here.