A shipping company from the makers of Cards Against Humanity

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But... the box is blue...
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@theaccordance lol, that was my first thought! @maxtemkin needs to add that to the FAQ 😉
The gif on the homepage is amazing
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@derekahmedzai No kidding. I stared at it too long. I think my eyes are still readjusting.
@derekahmedzai for real. would love to see a write up on how they did it.
@derekahmedzai It's awesome but couldn't stay on the page for much longer (until I realised you could scroll down) 🙄
@gadgick @derekahmedzai I didn't realize you could scroll either. :)
@derekahmedzai I can't lie, I stared at that for about 5 minutes in awe.
Saw this earlier today... Also related to OK Cookie - where the proof of concept of Blackbox is being tested Can't figure out if this is fully launched or not though? Also have to order and pay for a press kit on how it works... But fair play on the craziness of the GIF and the Twitter bio "A boring new business company from the creators of Cards Against Humanity."
From the FAQ: Blackbox is a shipping company for independent artists. We take care of everything that happens after your customers click the “buy” button… the checkout process, credit card processing, customer service, and the worst part, the actual shipping. We’ll even pay your sales taxes for you.
Great, zanny website and the concept seems very interesting. Was eager to try it out and order the presskit, but then I got to the end and the shipping cost is 40$ (to Portugal). Either you guys are shipping an anvil or something is at odds with your goal of shipping stuff at low cost.