Black Friday Tech

180+ curated Black Friday deals in tech 💸

A list of web tech deals carefully put together by Chris, Gonzalo & Andrew. Including Saas, eCommerce, Design, Marketing, Subscription Boxes and more

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Handy, thanks for compiling this :)
What a ride it was working on this - from idea to launch in just 48 hours! Thanks to Andrew and Gonzalo for all their help - they were the engines behind this and boy was it a pleasure to work with them both. If you have any questions about the deals etc., feel free to leave a comment. Also, check back on the site as we are adding more deals we find as they come in and will be covering CyberMonday too :)
Hello makers! I'm Andrew from Sheetsu. We're super excited to see such cool product build on Sheetsu. Good job! 🎉
@jedrzejurbanski thanks for building Sheetsu, making and collaborating on side projects like this one is super easy!
Hey everyone! Thanks for the love so far 😻 A couple days ago, @kintulabs shared a random idea he had on Facebook, and 48 hours later, here we are. If you have any deals you'd like to add, feel free to reach out or use the Submit link on the footer. We are adding new ones every minute. Questions? Comment below 😄
@kintulabs @gonsanchezs It's been a wild ride the last two days to get this list out there. Hope it brings lots of people awesome products.
Awesome! Thanks for including PixelMe 😍
@tombenattar anytime, I've been meaning to test PixelMe for a while. Just hadn't had the chance yet!