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Black 3.0

The blackest black acrylic art paint

Black 3.0 is a super special acrylic paint. We have spent nearly 2 years tweaking its formulation to create a black that absorbs 98-99% of visible light! Quite simply we've created the blackest black acrylic paint.
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Growth Hacker

Need to paint my room with this colour!


Too dark



tech geek and trendy stuff lover

A spray version will be handy as well


As dark as my soul


Need a bucket version for my car detailing

British artist and material creator
hey hey we're hoping to have larger quantities later in the year. But you can totally spray it now if you thin with water :)
Owner of iRepair Rhodes

I have been following the Vantablack craze for some time now and I can really think of a million ways that this black can be used, especially for marketing purposes! So being here I think will get it places. I for one backed it already so it's coming to Rhodes, Greece!


The blackest black of all blacks!




I love passion projects like this.


It's unique, beautiful.


It isn't available right now.

I was excited to back this project, and then when I finally got my bottle I was seriously disappointed to find out this was just a bunch of hype in a bottle. Not only is it the same shade of black as existing paints (any number of professional acrylic gauche black), but also Black 3.0 does NOT dry to a stable film as you would expect from a paint! In trying to make it blacker they apparently put so much pigment in there that there is not enough binder to hold it together and a thin application will scratch easily while thicker bits will crumble away with a small amount of pressure. Not archival in the least, not worth the money, and does NOT live up to the hype!
It's just a matte black. Any picture or video that shows otherwise is using deceptive camera tricks to do so. The in person appearance just looks like a dull black.
Extremely disappointed. Not that black, looks matte gray in direct light, does not dry well, i can swipe my finger on surface 2 days after drying and it will smear and come off. Terrible product and not at all worth the price, you're better off with golden, utrecht, etc... any other professional brand I've bought and used in the past is better and if you want to make it matte you can use varnish. Do not waste your money.
Belgian painter
This is a yes, but! It's certainly not easy to obtain a nice even black surface. I used this for the first time in a painting on a canvas of 100cm to 70cm. The surface I wanted to cover was about a third of the canvas. I followed each and every advice I found on Semple's website. I painted carefully, but the paint dried so quickly that it was unavoidable to recover some parts of the freshly painted areas. It amounted in ugly patches. The following day I recovered it very quickly with a large brush. This time it worked out well, but there were a few areas that I missed in my hurry not to make the same mistake of the first day. So the following day I just covered those patches. After drying up these were darker than the rest. So today I covered the full surface again with quick strokes. It looks almost perfect now, a very smooth velvetlike black. Almost perfect, however. I guess if a medium was added to slow down the drying it would be easier to use.
DO NOT BUY THIS PAINT - IT IS A TOTAL SCAM the paint goes on fine and dries okay, but do not expect any magnificent dark black.... it literally looks like flat black poster paint a kid would use. furthermore it comes right off whatever you paint. it will scratch at the SLIGHTEST touch. if you manage not to scratch it, it will get dirty. so disgustingly dirty with dust, white smudges? it doesnt make any sense to me. i managed an art gallery for years (on a budget too!) and have never seen such a piss poor paint before. any "absorption" of light or any photos on the website is just totally misleading, camera effect, whatever. STAY AWAY!!!!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!