Black 3.0

The blackest black acrylic art paint

Black 3.0 is a super special acrylic paint. We have spent nearly 2 years tweaking its formulation to create a black that absorbs 98-99% of visible light! Quite simply we've created the blackest black acrylic paint.
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Hi Everyone! Thanks @Chrismessina for hunting us !! I'm Stuart and I created Black 3.0 :) it's lovely to be here and meet you all! Black 3.0 is a super special acrylic paint. We have spent almost 2 years tweaking it's formulation. Last November we shared a beta batch of black 3.0 with 1000 artists and after their feedback and thoughts we re-formulated it into the best black we could possibly make. Quite simply we've made the blackest black acrylic paint which absorbs between 98 and 99% of visible light. We started working on Black 3.0 because we heard the artist Anish Kapoor had exclusive rights to vantablack (a scientific process to coat things in the blackest human made substance). All the artists around the world were really annoyed because it would've been SO COOL to have our work coated in vanta but the company that invented it flat out refused. So a couple years ago I created and shared the PINKEST PINk with all artists EXCEPT KAPOOR, when you added it to cart on the site you had to agree to a legal declaration that you wern't Kapoor and wern't going to share any with him. I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine and teach him to share his colours. Sadly he got hold of the pink and dipped his middle finger in it and posted on instagram. Everyone was so upset, and since then I've been working really hard on a super black, blackest black paint for all artists except him! We've done that and I think it's awesome. So we've put it on kickstarter to fundraise to get it into production on a big scale (our little studio can't make something that complex - although we have made and shared several crazy art materials). Anyway, I hope you guys like what I've come up with and I'm here if you've got any questions or thoughts. Stuart x x
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@stuart_semple This is an interesting story behind a creation.
@amelia_clark thanks! It's amazing where inspiration for things can come from :)
@chrismessina @stuart_semple Made me think of the black holes that cartoon characters would paint and then jump into, the kinda thing where a train would come out and smash Wile E Coyote. And then I realised, Kapoor is the artist who designed the black-painted bottomless pit that a tourist fell into... so, I guess, I was kinda right.
@chrismessina @rossdcurrie ha ha ha too true!! you were right - some art holes are dangerous ;P

Need to paint my room with this colour!


Too dark



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Can I also paint my neighbor's hair by this? :D
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@pernomina_alexandra tooo funny! I don;t think it would be very nice to get it in anyone's hair though!
Don't know yet what/whom I am going to paint with this, but just backed it :-D
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@narek_vardanyan Awww thanks for the support Narek! I hope you enjoy the paint and make something cool with it :)
Stuart, you're doing a great job! The product is great, and the idea is awesome as well! Thank you!
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@astrid_azarenko Total pleasure!!! We've enjoyed every moment of making it :) Thanks for the support! x
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