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We wanted to have a little fun during the Product Hunt Global Hackathon. Seth and I are big fans of Blab, but sometimes it can be hard to find a good Blab to join, so we spun up BlabRoulette to make it easier to discover live Blabs. Just load the site and you're presented with a live Blab, don't like it just hit next!
@mubashariqbal GG, this totally must be a core feature of Blab, to allow to just hang out there and discover stuff :)
@mubashariqbal still can't believe how fast you built stuff.
@oelmekki seems like it should be.
@oelmekki Thanks Oliver, was a fun to make, and hope it makes it more fun to Blab!
@charlesjo Thanks! This as a fun way to get this Hackathon started, but working on something a little more serious now :)
It was a fun little project to warm up the weekend with. Now on to the real hackathon project. ;)
Oh my goodness! This is so great!
@brittanymetz Thanks Brittany. This is only possible because Blab is great! :)
Thank you @brittanymetz! Exactly what @mubashariqbal said. We love Blab and what you guys are doing. Just want to show our support. ;)
Mubs & Seth strike again! When I saw the title this immediately made me laugh. I just clicked through and the funniest thing in quite a while happened... The first chat was just a guy not doing anything on his own. NEXT! Second chat, was a couple of people having an 'islanders' meetup. Yeah I didn't know what that is either. Anyways, when I joined it came up in the chat, so they started talking to me, asking me whether I knew any islanders. Surreal experience turning up on a Blab and immediately getting asked questions. Lots of fun though! Here's a quick gif of the action: https://twitter.com/FredRivett/s...
@fredrivett haha, that's great!