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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I remember reading about this and their $20M round last summer and had a chance to see a demo of it last week. While slick, it feels like they're trying to do a lot at once -- concert discover/ticket sales, merchandise, music video discovery, etc. Curious to learn more though.
Adam Marx
Adam Marx@adammarx13 · Freelance writer/editor and music addict
@rrhoover All of those are a niche in themselves. I agree, not inconceivable that they could all be performed by one service, but I wouldn't start out trying to tackle all of those pain points.
David Ball
David Ball@davieball · ceo/co-founder
@rrhoover agree - but when you have Bieber Beliebing (twitter.com/justinbieber) and pushing his followers to you, you might just be able to hit some scale quickly and succeed at it.
Lyle McKeany
Lyle McKeany@lylemckeany · growth marketer
@rrhoover yeah, i remember hearing about this before too and signing up to be notified when it was released, but i never got anything. hmm....
Jared Schaffer
Jared Schaffer@jbschaff · Founder/Product, The Tribe 🕴 Dallas, TX
@lylemckeany @rrhoover Also signed up for a notification and didn't receive anything related to that. I did however get a sunset notice yesterday from Fahlo that also announced Bkstg was live in the app store
Ouriel Ohayon
Ouriel OhayonHunter@ourielohayon · KZen, CEO / Co-founder isai (VC)
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Dan Moore
Dan Moore@toobulkeh · Vaporware
Dat hype
Gabriel Lewis
Gabriel Lewis@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
This is going to be as popular as Apple Music connect 🙃
Nadav Weizmann
Nadav WeizmannHiring@nadavwiz · Founder & CTO, Docady
Love it. Awesome product! Endless potential.