On-demand handymen, cleaning, and beauty services in London.

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I like that this isn't really a clone. A new take on a done idea in a different market. Not sure you'll be able to convince cleaners or beauticians to work on-demand in the long run. I wonder if people want to use the same app to order beauty services and handymen. You could separate that out in the long run.
@brackin the supply is certainly the challenge. With demand predictions we can get the supply utilization high so it's flexible but also rewarding and works well for the supply chain. We're not interested in a me-too scheduling App.
Great! We need this in Amsterdam.
@jonnotie, definitely! The great thing about BIZZBY is that it's truly on-demand, just like an on-demand taxi app. You need a handyman now, you can get it in 30-45 minutes. Others only do scheduling (which is very old school). You can see how the app works in this video:
@juandiego_farah Are good handymen sitting around waiting for their phone to buzz? Doubt it...
@rolandal actually demand is so predictable through out the week that BIZZBY has gotten really good at matching supply and demand, so they have the right amount of handymen each day to complete jobs. Uber takes a similar approach with their drivers. Not that complicated if you are very data-driven. No doubt...