Get paid on-time and recover the processing fee

BizPayO lets professionals accept credit card and ACH payments online while recovering the processing fees. Send custom proposals or just a personal payment link. Lets you lock-in payment information up front without the escrow. Get paid on-time, every time.
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Hi PH community we are a small remote team with many hats and are thrilled to be here today! We created BizPayO to put an end to the late payments, dead-beat clients and all-around chasing down clients for payment for your hard work. BizPayO let's professionals and service businesses capture payment information up-front, without locking-up your client's money in escrow. Unlike escrow, with an up-front client payment profile you don't irritate your client by forcing them to tie-up their funds. When your work is complete now you can enjoy the benefit of ensuring that you are paid on-time and in full. Professionals can send clients proposals, link it to credit card or ACH payment info, get a legally binding e-signature and get paid once, recurring or after key milestones. As a special bonus to the PH community, sign-ups from our PH link gets access to any of our paid plans for free for an entire year. Or try our robust free plan if you just feel like dipping your toes in the water for now. The only catch is that we would love your feedback to make our product even better for our thousands of freelancers, small businesses and other pros who want to get paid on-time while avoiding the processing fees.
Looks awesome, congrats guys! Looking forward to trying this out.
@yuriy_haliuk Cool. If you need any help getting going just let us know.

Waiting for this product!


Great idea!


Not yet.

Getting paid on time and without the extra fees is a huge issue for businesses! So happy to finally have a user friendly solution everyone has been waiting for. BizPayo is on the cutting edge and doing it right!! Great work!
Much needed concept for small business owners
@joel_mena Joel: Glad you feel this way. Makes me nuts watching well conceived businesses unnecessarily struggle with their cash flows because the banking system makes it so expensive to get paid. Getting paid should be the easy fun part!
@joel_mena much appreciated Joel. I can't think of how many stories we've heard on businesses getting paid slow, late or not at all. We think BizPayO is a fair win-win for both sides.